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New British Comics #2

New British Comics #2

October 2009
84 pages
B/W Interiors
Cover by Nelson Evergreen

Last Summer
by Dan White

Feeding Spiders
by Dave Thomson

by Paweł Gierczak

Spare Parts by
David Hailwood and Tony Suleri

The Horror of Bul-Bim
by Maddku and Jacek Zabawa

Under the Rainbow: Mercy
by David Roberston and Frank Lamour

Elexender Browne in ‘The Last Drop’
by Rob Miller

Ragnar’s Charm
by WJC

The Life of Billy
by Jon Edwards

by Tony Hitchman

Charlie Parker “The Handyman”
by Lawrence Elwick & Paul O'Connell

by Leonie_O’Moore

by Craig Collins & Iain Lauire

ShadowQuake & Shnookie
by Nelson Evergreen

Sample pages

Last Summer - Dan White Feeding Spiders - Dave Thomson Cyberpunk - Pawel Gierczak The horror of Bul-Bim - Maddku, Jacek Zabawa Under the Rainbow: Mercy - David Robertson, Frank Lamour Ragnar's Charm - WJC Gingerbread - Leonie O'Moore
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