The Responsibilities of an Interior Decorator

When you want to change the look of your house or an office, you will need to determine what type of changes you want made. Knowing what you want done will help you hire the right professional to do the work. An interior designer can redesign the shape of a room by suggesting removing a wall or adding structural features and interior decorators NJ can change how a room looks by changing the décor.

What a Decorator Does

An interior decorator comes in after the structural work to a room has been completed to help decorate it. They help clients select a design aesthetic, choose window coverings, the color scheme of a room and new furniture. Although an interior design firm may have decorators on staff, most decorators come in after the contractors and designers have finished their part of the project.

To accomplish their tasks, decorators may work with other industry professionals like furniture makers, upholsters, painters and artists when looking for unique decorative elements. Many furniture companies and stores which sell custom designed window coverings will have interior decorators on staff to help clients select styles and colors for their homes or offices. However, if you’re redecorating your entire house, then you will want to hire an independent decorator.

Education and Training

Unlike interior designers who are usually required to have licenses or certifications, interior decorators can go to school to learn their craft and earn a certificate in it, but most states do not usually require interior decorators to be credentialed. Most decorators learn their craft on the job by working with an experienced decorator as an assistant once they’ve graduated from school.

Unless you want to have structural changes made to your house, then you will want to hire an interior decorator to update the look of your home.