Those magical nights at the fireplace

Each season of the year only runs for about three or four months, depending where you live. If you dwell in certain areas of the Northern Hemisphere, you contend with longer, cold wintry nights than most people around the world. But you don’t mind. You grew up with winter snow around you. Now, as an adult, you have your own home and you have your own fireplace. More than likely, because this space is a functional area of your living room, you’ll have a fireplace bellows kit nearby.

You need this as you regularly tend your coals during those cold magical nights at the fireplace. If you are not a family man by now, it is hoped that you are at least romantic. Invite the girl over; pour her a good glass of wine, wrap her up warmly and roast a bag of marsh mellows. How romantic is that? Well, perhaps you have other ideas, but fair to say, the point has been made. Make your kingly fireplace truly regal.

You have plenty of time to prepare. There’s not much to do really, but better to take your time over redecorating your fireplace to make it look really lovely for the next winter. If you love your home and dream of renovations all year round, but don’t have the budget to remodel at this time, don’t worry, there’s still much you can do without spending a fortune or breaking down walls. Give your fireplace new fireplace bellows.

Give your living room a new aura or mood with a new set of lampshades. Redecorate your mantelpiece with new picture frames. Reframe photos of your loved ones in ornate wooden or metal frames. Have we said too much? Just getting warmed up.